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How do I set up my ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT?

ROBERT THOMAS made it very easy to set up the TWIN TT for the cleaning you want. In addition to the user manual which is included, we added a user friendly video tutorial, which leads you through all the many different ways of cleaning.

When dry vacuuming, I forgot to put water into the Aquafilter System for dry vacuuming. Can this damage the vacuum?

The ROBERT THOMAS Aquafilter System + HEPA is a water based multi-stage filtration system that requires water for effective filtration. Dirt and particles that would normally be trapped in the recovery tank will fly around inside the canister clogging and soiling the interior, the cover, and the filters. If this happens, you will need to clean the appliance and you may need to replace your filters. Generally, this should not damage the machine, but it is not advised to ever use the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT without water.

What is the ROBERT THOMAS Aquafilter System?

The Aquafilter System + HEPA Filter is a multi-stage water based filtration system that dampens and bonds the wet dirt with water in the recovery tank. Trapped in the water, dust particles are unable to be released back into the air in your home. Plus, no dust bags are required, which makes the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT environmentally friendly. Plus, it assures 99.999 % dust retention.

Can I use cleaning solutions other than ROBERT THOMAS ProTex?

We do not recommend using other cleaning solutions, since they have not been tested with the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT. Many products other than ROBERT THOMAS ProTex may cause foaming inside the vacuum or clogging the pump. The warranty on your ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT does not cover damage caused by the use of cleaning solutions other than ROBERT THOMAS ProTex. The ROBERT THOMAS ProTex is an effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning product that is ideally suited with the cleaning process of the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT.

Does it matter if I use hot or cold water in the unit?

NO boiling water should ever be used in the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT. When deep cleaning, it is best to fill the clean water tank with lukewarm tap water.

How can I regulate the water flow coming out of the spray nozzle?

Water regulation is made easy by operating the check valve handle. The amount of cleaning solution released is determined by how long pressure is applied to the check valve handle and how quickly you pass over the surface.

What is the warranty on the unit?

The ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT warranty covers Parts and Labor for 2 years and your ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT motor is covered with a 5 year warranty.

Where can I get new filters?

Filters are being offered through established dealers. Please contact your dealer to purchase a new filter set.

I experienced a noise when turning on the injection pump. Is there a problem?

When deep cleaning and using the injection pump, the clean water container should be filled with water and cleaning solution. After turning on your ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT you may experience a noise coming from the injection pump for the first couple of seconds. The noise indicates that the pump is dry. As soon as the solution is running through the pump the noise stops immediately. The same noise will occur when the clean water container has run empty.

How often should I clean or replace my filters?

To maintain the longevity of the filters, the following filters should be rinsed until clean after every use of the dry cleaning function: the Aquafilter insert and the blue Wet Filters. The HEPA Filter should only be rinsed with clean water when it is really dirty. All filters must be completely dry before you put them back in your unit.

Depending on usage, your HEPA Filter and MKA Micro-Filter should be replaced every 6 12 months. The HEPA filter and MKA Micro-Filter should always be replaced at the same time. Therefore, the filters are only available as one complete set.

What is the wattage of the TWIN TT?

Combined with the Electro-Brush, the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT offers 1400 watts of power.

Where can I purchase the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT?

In order to locate the dealer nearest to you please visit our dealers page.