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Aquafilter System

With innovative, multi-stage water filtration technology, the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT's Aquafilter System begins by forcing dust, dirt, and allergens into the canister where it bonds with the water inside. It removes 99.99% of allergens from the returning air.

Power Button

The One Touch power button on the ROBERT THOMAS TWIN TT is easy to use and lets you control suction power. You can set the suction level at the optimal 1400-Watts power level while using the powerful, XXL electro-brush. You also have the option of its special eco-setting – an energy saving power mode. It’s an efficient and effective way to keep power control at your fingertips.

55 psi Water Pump

The TWIN TT uses a 55 psi water pump to spray water and cleaning solution deep into carpet, upholstery and fabrics, while simultaneously extracting used solution to free deeply embedded soils, dust, dust mites and allergens - not just those on the surface.

Highest Quality

Our nozzles and vacuum cleaner accessories are made in Germany and both wet and dry cleaning tools come standard when you purchase a TWIN TT. Ensuring quality in every cleaning tool is one of our top priorities.

the Aquafilter System + HEPA retains 99.99% of dirt, dust and allergens.